Sunday, January 04, 2015

A recurrent theme.

    Man made clocks reset and a celestial body on which we/life thrives, completes a rotation of its God, the Sun. A God that gives and takes life, plots and demands a spiral path with gravity, but remains completely oblivious to earth dweller's behavior and their incandescent scream for calmness and swift justice. Veering back to the main theme, we should revel in our successes and study our failures in retrospect, to identify how we have grown, stymied others and above all prepare ourselves for the next cycle.

    It's only the clock's that reset, but we carry all the accumulated baggage from the previous cycle. We as humans with a humongous memory, will never forget anything that either put us down or anything that is a cause for ridicule to others. The act is always replaced in priority, but never forgotten. It's in our innate nature to keep ourself occupied by others success/failure, than how else are we to say; we did better than last year(cycle)? It's only by comparison that we achieve this sweet joy or sour bitterness of the truth, that what we have done in the past year was either foolish, or one of the greatest effects that we will linger on, in our stories of yester years.

    It's our greed/laziness, an human quality to have it all, helped to propel us from stones to silicon. But greed is a good motivator, as long as it does NOT depend on destroying an other artifact for it's success, but rather replace it, cause it's just better.

    It's sad thought to think back and realize nothing pops up, to either learn from or revel in. We have just spent an entire year breathing, staying at the same level in the grand scale that we want measure our selves. Should we call ourselves a failure or just being content with what we have, or is it that, we have already achieved, what we had set out to achieve, as defined for us from the day we set out of our mother's womb?

    Maybe... it's booze that frees my mind to talk about all this fracas and maybe it's only pertinent to that line of thought. Fill up your cups and drink to the future, since that's the only path, that we have control off to a certain extent; everything else is more of a puzzle, that you try to understand and either use it to your advantage, or just ignore it and feel the loss of an opportunity.

    The archaic music, that filled my ear lobes complete, it's time for me to bid adieu to 2014 and welcome 2015, not with a wish that it brings in joy and success, but with a request that I, me not just standup to the challenges put forth, but mould 2015 to the way that I intend it to be, for me, my family and friends.

Happy 2015!!!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The days, before my nuptial.

            For Indians, marriage is as much a celebration for the couple, it's also an event to bring the extended family together, to mingle, muddle, fight and make promises to observe a more conducive relationship in future. Amongst all this chaos... my parents house, lights up like a christmas tree, every evening, broadcasting the event to all the neighbors. 

              The past few days have been hectic, with all the "stuff" that needs to bought, packaged and used appropriately for a wedding, following certain local/foreign customs. BTW, I really don't understand any of them or the need for all the fanfare. I assume, customs were made available previously, since there were no governing bodies like the judicial system to preside over the wedding and elders & certain order of events were the only witness to the marriage. Their council would be requested, in case of trouble with the marriage or anything related to that matter.

                I am called the "mapplai" in my local dialect, a phrase denoting the groom. So everyone goes "congrats mapplai". If it were any other sane person, I assume they would be extremely ecstatic, but I am more like "Hmm.... thanks. But I am already married to her". Well... I skipped the part of us getting our first marriage, civil marriage a few days earlier.

            Even though it's an arranged marriage, we have been in touch for sometime after the initial introduction by our parents. Our communication was sporadic at first, periodic later with alternate days, then daily and at present, a never ending banter. It seems that we have always been friends and this event culminates our friendship to the next strata. "Mine" changed to "ours", way before the official engagement took place and so, No jitters, no butterflies in the stomach, no second thoughts, but just stage fright. And I hope, even that will dissipate, once I get onto the stage, cause I am doing this for the first time and I am planning on doing it, for the only time(It's not if, but when she is reading this, for her: "Do you understand that?"). So this marriage, at least in our perspective, is for the family, to observe customs and we get to have a free ride in the ordered chaos, called the "The Indian Wedding".

             Today is the big day, when I take my wife, to be my lawfully wedded wife again. But this time, in front of all my relatives, inline with local customs.

On a funny note....

Source: Grabbed this online. do not hold copyright of this image.

TL;DR - I am getting married on September 8th, 2013.



Sunday, May 05, 2013

Attitude towards women, needs to change.

If you have not been living under a rock, you would have heard about the recent events; that highlight men's ignorance, sordid attitude and materialistic mentality towards women. On the aftermath, I keep hearing about the influence of alcohol, westernization, sleazy dress & erotic movie scenes, to be the root cause that contaminate young men's mind and digress them towards this behavior. Is it really? It's easy to force the blame on others, rather than to introspect the real reason, cause then it hits too close to home.

Did society's attitude towards women ever cross their mind?  Forget society. How does a boy grow up to be this indiscriminate person, to commit this atrocity, not just towards a women, but to a person, a fellow human? Should we not think about their family/parents? Shouldn't they also be held responsible for this? Aren't they also part of his life, his childhood, that carved him for this behavior, to exhibit bad judgement and disregard basic human decency.

Irrespective of the scenes seen in movies and posters, it's the incidents at home that leave a lasting impression on a child's thought and drives his future behavior. It happens every time, the husbands hit's his wife in front of his kids; mother treating daughters like a maid, meanwhile treating sons like a prince. Looking down upon them, as a weaker sex needs to change.

This made sense in archaic days, since only men thrived as providers. Parents invested in their sons, so that they would take care of them in their old age. Well at least, that was the thought, but I don't think it ever comes to fruition for all. Now, women also are earning the bread for their family, because they get a chance to be educated and thrive in this society. So shouldn't we see a change in our attitude at home first, before we expect the same from our society.

Leering at women is not a sin, just don't make it so obvious, else you just come out as a creep. Lust is natural, but whom we are is defined by our actions, not just by our thoughts and that depends on our upbringing. Religion plays a role, since we are influenced by them and we are forced into that from birth. But every thought in religion, that condemns violence is based on fear(my understanding) and fear acts only has a temporary hurdle, until you face it. Looking at the women; not only as objects of beauty or a materialistic achievement but also as a person, would make a huge difference in our attitude towards them. A small step towards an end of this type of violence.

My .2 cents.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

First of April, a fool's day.

 My brain is buzzing with activity and I am working hard on solving a critical bug. Well... that bug was not doing well and so was I; trying hard to decode the issue. It was about half past three in the evening and work was taking a toll on my concentration. As I was mucking through the code, my mobile goes off, indicating an incoming call. I looked it up and it was a local number. Thought it might be telemarketers or maybe from my apartment office. Maybe my apartment is on fire.. or some thing worse!! So I took the call and a lady answers on the other end.

lady: Am I talking to Alphonse.
Me: Yeah.
lady: Did you put up an advert on Craigslist, regarding fresh meat.
Note: I heard it as fresh meat, but I think the lady said free meat. you will get the difference by the end of this post.
Me: NO!
lady: I think... somebody posted an advert with your name and number on Craigslist, regarding fresh meat.
Me: Hmmmm.... Thanks for letting me know, I guess.

and I disconnect the call. Before I let go off my phone, another call comes in and again a local number. Now I realize, that something is wrong and switch off my phone to avoid getting calls.

Now the thoughts, that were going through my mind were; somebody hacked my account, or my laptop and posted this advert, just for fun or something else crazy is happening. How the hell, did they know my name and mobile number?  First thing that I wanted to do,  search for personal advert's in Craigslist, since "fresh meat" triggered a prison lingo and "men want men, men want women" sections were the one's that were highlighted in my thoughts. Well I was going for the worst thoughts... of mine and expecting them to be false.

But I was in office and I really did not want to use my office network to access Craigslist personal section; to search for this advert. Now I can't use my smart phone also, cos I had switch it off, to avoid getting the numerous calls.

So I decided to head home to use my home network to do my detecting stuff. I drive back home, deep in contemplation about, what could have happened. Then it dawns on me, that somebody could be playing a prank on me, since this was 1st of April. Anyways... I had to find the advert and get it removed, just to avoid getting the calls at least. So after I reach home, I search the online personal section for my name and number, cos the lady had mentioned that. I come across a lot of advert which I wish I had not seen, but truth requires sacrifice and so I trudge along and no hits. I tried to search based on timestamp and again no hits. I tried few more times and then decided to ping my friends about this. And voila, one of my friend replies back with the advert link and mocked me, that "I must be dumbest person", cos he was able to find it in 30 seconds.

The advert was in the sales section, which I decided to avoid, based on the "fresh meat" and its -ve connotation. This is an example of tunnel vision or thinking inside the box.

Here it goes... Didn't take a snapshot, but trying to recollect word for word.

    I have over 75lbs of lamb meat left over from a party. I am ready to give it for free.
    Call up this number XXX-XXX-XXXX and ask for YYY. I will not respond
   back to emails.


Now you can see, how I could have mistaken free & fresh meat. So boom, I log a case with Craigslist and mark this advert as prohibited. Within an hour, the advert vanishes of the site. I switch on my mobile and see 30 missed calls, more than 30 texts and voice mails. Phew... I was just happy, that the phone just stopped ringing and nuked all of 'em.

Now, I was thinking... who the hell, did I piss off so much; for them to play a prank on me like this.
And I did find out the next day. When you have friends like these, why would you need enemies!!

It was a memorable, fools days for me; with me being the butt of the joke. But hey, it made me test Craigslist's support service and response time. :D

The End.

Monday, February 11, 2013

What's your identity?

What is your identity? I am not talking about your online identity? It's more physical. For some I know, online identity seems to be the only thread by which they hang on to their clout. Let's not discuss about that.

Is it related to your work? or is it related to your hobby? or the things that you do, to piss others off. Many work to earn a living, some work in their field of interest, others to escape their life at home and which one are you? Does the line blur between work and daily life? Is it really worth it, if we put in that extra hours to get that one promotion? Does it just stop there or is it an ordeal to continue for the rest of our career?  These are all the troubles that afflict today's work force.

Have you ever wondered, as to what you are supposed to be doing in life? Apart from waking up in the (not specifically) morning and doing your daily chores like a zombie, hell bent on achieving what? making money for the Corporations?  I am not into the spiritual bullshit of predestined purpose in life. I am more into, what are you doing with your life? does it have a value? other than the few useful organs that we seem to carry, if we had not destroyed that already with our past times. Saving humanity seems to be a huge cliche.

Do we really need super powers to make a difference. All the power, that one needs is motivation, motivation to make a difference. Difference not in someone's life... but in yours. But the problem is... humans are so greedy... so anything that we do to please ourselves always tends to crave for more and that ain't good in the long run or is it?

 So what should we be really doing? Make a difference to your friends and relatives, your enemies because they are the closest to you. Quality and Quantity, both count. And I think that would speak volumes about your legacy, cause it would be the only abstract entity standing... if it had any gall of its own, when your mortal body perishes.

So make a difference, or better yet; be the difference in this monochromatic society and that I think, would be your identity.

I make mine, by writing this and motivating others. :D
Just a rant based on daily news, survived only by my thoughts.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

An incident by the traffic light.

The steering wheel slightly vibrates a bit, to let me know that I am driving a bit faster than usual. Realizing that, I put a little pressure on the brakes, to offset that realization. It is a busy night, the sky bleary with just enough brightness to highlight the outlines of the landscape; street lights bouncing off moving cars, throwing ominous dancing shadows. A good amount of car traffic, all lanes occupied by weary people driving back from work with an urgency, to their slice of heaven called home or a bar. The traffic keeps on moving at its pace, with a occasional stop at the traffic lights.

As I passed one of the traffic lights, I witness an incident from the corner of my eye, that unfolds into an accident within my field of vision. I was crossing an intersection with a static picture of few cars before me. But one car breaks that boring picture, to plough forward with sudden acceleration. It crosses the intersection before others and hits a bump in the middle of the intersection, way too fast.... The car loses traction and skids sideways to the next lane. But I assume, the human in that car, did not have a chance to react to that change, resulting in the following events. His foot still on the accelerator, the car veers  barreling towards the central median.

 If you had a chicken race between a concrete and an expensive car, the concrete is not going to budge and the car would lose. The car hits the median, with enough force to jump it and that propels it towards oncoming traffic with its boot first. The roof of the car hits the asphalt first, breaking the silence with its windscreen and keeps rolling with the momentum. It lands back on its four wheels, facing the median nose first, with its driver side looking at oncoming traffic. It feels like a screen grabbed, right out of an action flick.

The aftermath looks like a scorn, on a picturesque landscape. Broken glasses litterred everywhere, sparkled with the street lights. Smoke billowed from the hood of the car, had an eerie feeling to the scene. You could hear screeches, as traffic tries to stop from hitting the wrecked car.

I slowdown my car, just enough to avoid the car in front of me and the traffic moves on, unabated in my lane. My only thought at that time was, " I hope, that driver wore his seat belt!!". As I moved away from the scene with an etched reminder that I could see from my rear view mirror, I swore to never speed up, at that intersection.


Friday, April 20, 2012

I dream of an apocalyptic future.

I find myself on a lonely stretch of road, filled with rubble as high as 10 storey buildings. The buildings themselves are riddled with holes as big as a person. It seemed like a giant, a really big giant had punched the building with rage. The desolate stretch completely wrought of  any living soul, coupled with the eerie silence started the creep the soul out of me. Then out of nowhere I hear a humming sound. It sounded like a hover craft engine cranking about its job to float a vehicle above the asphalt in a thin cushion of air. I could squint through the dust and see the outline of few people on a open roofed hovercraft type car.

I wanted to yell help, but my survival instincts kicks in and I drop to my knees hiding behind the rubble. Checking the visitors from my new vantage point, an unreal sense of fear sets into me and realize those were not humans, but look alike machines. They were scanning for life among the desolate landscape and their bright red eyes and expressionless calmness gave away their intentions... predators searching for their kill.

Just as my knees were about to give up on this scary realization, I feel myself shouting out in helpless yelps, but a hand grabs me by my shoulder and another hand cups my mouth...transforming my yelps into a muttered gasp for breath. I taste dust on my tongue and feel myself being pulled into a hole dug deep into the building.

After the dust clears, I get my bearings straight and I realize the presence of humans around me, which provided a pleasant settling feeling. I hear me say, "where am I?", "What is happening?", "what is going on?". I hear a dull thud and a bang behind me. It felt like, someone was trying to blow a hole in the building.

The humans around me start running and yelled, "Come on... let's go. It's not safe here!!". And one guy says "It's the androids... they are exterminating all humans!!". I just run after them, trying to save my life.